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How to write to Modbus registers on an ION Meter and PM8000s

Published date: 17 February 2020

Cannot write to the Modbus registers.

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ION Meters

ION Frameworks

By default, the SOP1 Modbus Map Access setting is set to No. 

Change the SOP1 Modbus Map Access setting to yes:
  1. Open the meter inside of ION Setup.
  2. Ctrl + Click on the meter on the left side of the screen to open the advanced modules list.
  3. Open the Security Options Modules folder, and then open the Security Options 1 module.
  4. If prompted for a password, enter the front panel password (Default 0).
  5. Under the Setup Registers tab, Select the SOP1 Modbus Map Access option.
  6. Click Edit... and change the drop down from "No" to "Yes" and press OK.
  7. Select Send at the bottom of the window and the configuration settings will be saved. 
The latest version of ION Setup can be downloaded at the link below.
 ION Setup Software

For instructions on how to add an Ethernet device to ION Setup please refer to page 47 in the ION Setup User Guide that can be obtained by visiting link below.
(Note: The latest version of ION Setup software may not be up-to-date from the link below)
ION Setup Software and Documentation

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