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How to trigger a sag/swell waveform capture by monitoring the status of an external contact closure through the digital input of a PM8000 meter

Published date: 30 December 2019

Product Line

PME 8.x
PME 7.x.x
PME 9.0


*Warning:Before proceeding make sure you undertand the following when using Designer

Step 1.

Open Designer from the PME Folder

Step 2.
Select the PM8000

Step 3.

Click on Advanced Setup:Frameworks

Step 4:
Select Power Quality

Step 5:
Select Sag/Swell detection

Note: The image below can vary depending on the customizations done by customer but the default modules for sag/swell detection on a PM8000 should have a pulse merger that is connected to Waveform Recorders.  This pulse merger module will have all the inputs filled so we need to combine one input to include multiple triggers.  

Step 6.
Unlink the output of Man Wfm Trig and create a new Pulse Merger Module

To Unlink simply right click on the input of the the Wfm Tg Mg-Sg/SW shown below

Step 7.

Use the ION Modules tool box onthe right to create a new pulse merger. 

Step 8.
The new pulse merger will be placed in between the Man Wfm Trg and the Wfm Tg Mg-Sg/SW

Step 9.
With the new Pulse Merger, you can take the Man Wfrm Trig and the digital Port S1 and combine them and now you can feed that to the input of Pulse Merge 32 without having to change anything else.  So, in other words you would just be adding a Pulse Merge Module in between Man Wfrm Trig and Wfrm Tg Mg-Sg/Sw.

As you can see in the image above Pulse Merge 32 takes in Man Wfrm Trig and Digital input S1 and merges them to output to Pulse In 6.  So now the waveform capture can be initiated when it detects a digital input trigger without affecting any other default triggers pertaining to this device


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