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PME 9.0: Scheduled backup task not deleting old backups

PME scheduled backup task is not deleting the older backup files as expected

Product line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

According to article FA210520 ‘Backup.ps1’ file contains the number of backup files to retain:
"..\Power Monitoring Expert\config\cfg\DbScheduledTasks\Backup.ps1"

'IONMaintenance' user is the default Windows account that executes the BACKUP tasks in Windows Task Scheduler. 'IONMaintenance' user account needs to have “Modify” permission to the backup directories to be able to delete the older backup files.

Follow the article FA230636 to find the backup directory
on the backup directory, the 'IONMaintenance' user account can either be added directly to the list of users or to a group of users.

Resolution 1:
'IONMaintenance' user can be added directly to Backup directory with "Modify" permission:
Right-click on the backup folder > click 'Properties' > choose the 'Security' tab and then click 'Edit'

In 'Group or User names' panel find and select 'IONMaintenance' user.
In 'Permission for IONMaintenance' panel and check Allow for Modify if it is not already selected.

If IONMaintenance does not exist in ‘Group or user names’ panel then click 'Add...' the 'Select Users or Groups' window will open. Type 'IONMaintenance' then click 'OK'

Select the 'IONMaintenance' user and check ‘Modify' permission then click OK.

Resolution 2:

'IONMaintenance' can be added to an exiting Group such as 'Users' or 'Administrator' who might have enough permission on the backup directories.
The procedure to add/modify Group permission is similar to Resolution 1.


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