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EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert - How do I configure turning off the backlight on my HMI after inactivity?

Published date: 21 February 2020

On my HMI configured with EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert, how do I turn off the Backlight of the screen after inactivity time if an operator has not touched the screen in a set time in order to prolong the life of the HMI's backlight? 

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EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert

HMI Configuration Software for Windows

To set up an inactivity timer to turn off the backlight on an HMI, follow these steps:

1) In EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert, go to the Project Explorer menu
2) Expand Screen Design -> Scripts
3) Click on Global Scripts
4) Click on Tool Chest tab under the Project Explorer
5) In the Tool Chest, scroll down to find the label "Target"
6) Drag the "Inactivity" script block into the GlobalScripts pane
7) In the "Inactivity" block, change the inactivity time to the desired number of minutes. This is the time from the last operator touching the panel.
8) From the Tool Chest, under Operations, drag and drop the "Value Change" script block into the "Inactivity" block in the GlobalScripts programming pane so that it 'clicks-in'.
9) In the Tool Chest, scroll down to the label "Values"
10) Drag and drop the "Target" programming block into the "Value Change" block so that it 'clicks-in'
11) In the "Target" programming block that you just dragged in, type "Target01.Preferences.BacklightOff"
12) From the Tool Chest, drag and drop the "Constant" block to the far right of the "Value Change" block
13) In the "Constant" block, change the Data Type to "Bool"
14) In the "Constant" block, tick the checkbox to represent the value of TRUE.

The resulting Global Script should appear as follows when the steps are completed:

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