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HEP meter v3.0.0 firmware and ION Setup considerations

Considerations when using ION setup with V3.0.0 Fimrware on HEP meters

ION Setup
ION9000, ION7400, PM8000

HEP meter with v3.0.0 firmware

Changes to the security in v3.0.0 firmware for HEP meters makes old versions of ION Setup not work


Recommend a minimum version of ION Setup V3.2.20218.01 when interacting with HEP meters with v3.0.0 firmware.

When trying to load a standard security file, .scf, on a v3.0.0 HEP meter, ION Setup will display the following message

Firmware only supports Advanced Security but can still support a single Standard Login

Selecting Yes will disable the (Legacy Security Support), selecting No will enable (LSS).

Q: With advanced security, is the user name case sensitive ?
A: No, the user name is not case sensitive however certain options are not accepted; USER01, USER 01, USER 1, USER00001

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