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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

SpaceLogic C-Bus in mixed-use buildings

• Small/medium size building or single tenant, zone/floor control and visualization
• Stylish wall switches and input devices
• Third party connectivity
• Dynamic labelling and language selection switches
• Smooth and elegant dimming
• Colour temperature control
• Circadian rhythm
• Error reporting
• Emergency Lighting testing, reporting and management
• Trend logs 
• Daylight harvesting 
• Time-driven scenes, events and modes of operation 
• Blind control 
• Occupancy detection 
• HVAC control 
• Energy reporting

SpaceLogic C-Bus: Many applications for diverse buildings and spaces









The SpaceLogic C-Bus system

Robust, flexible, scalable, and proven solutions for smart buildings.

Input devices: Wall plates, touch panels, sensors 

Output devices: Dimmers, relays 

System devices: Controllers, gateways 

Software: PC and mobile app programs

SpaceLogic C-Bus DALI-2 Gateway

Bringing together flexibility and performance to lighting control and building automation.

SpaceLogic C-Bus DALI-2 Gateway Brochure

The holistic lighting control system enabling futureproof buildings
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Your trusted partner for buildings of the future
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