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Solutions and benefits

Our integrated control system for mining, minerals, and metals processing automation delivers flexibility for engineering, operations, and maintenance besides seamless integration and transparency between operations in simple environment. 

Our scalable process automation systems integrate power and control to meet production, operational, and quality objectives.

  • Advanced Ethernet distributed architectures able to manage complex instrumentation networks and motor-driven applications
  • A single environment for plant design, operation, and maintenance
  • Process and object-orientated; the application follows the actual layout of the mine
  • Dedicated object library for mining, minerals and metals operations
  • Simplify and standardise to reduce engineering costs
  • Enhance plant operation and visibility
  • Easy to maintain, modify, improve and expand

EcoStruxure Process Expert

EcoStruxure Process Expert harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to bring your plant into the future. It is a single automation system to engineer, operate, and maintain your entire infrastructure for a sustainable, productive, and market-agile plant.
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PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers


EcoStruxure™ Control Expert (Unity Pro)

Power supplies, power-protection and transformers

Industrial Control Products

Tricon CX

Safety Instrumented Systems

Solutions and benefits

Process optimisation uses real-time process and economic data to determine setpoints that ensure maximum operating profit while satisfying all regulatory requirements, delivering sustainable plant performance, and increasing return on investment. It moves the process closer to its active constraints reducing the process variability in specific metals and minerals processes such as kiln cooler or mill optimisation.
  • Stabilise and increase product quality, reduce variability
  • Maximise production rate and equipment utilisation
  • Reduce energy, water, and chemical consumption
  • Get real-time visibility of plant and business operations
  • Capture, aggregate, and transform data into manageable, insightful information
  • Obtain faster and more stable grade changes
  • Support operator decision-making

Quzhai Cement, China

Our Cement Production Optimisation Solution helps cement producers monitor, control, and identify process inefficiencies and, thereby, improve plant and energy efficiency. Watch the solution in action at the Quzhai Cement plant in China, with customer feedback on its value to their business.

AVEVA Production Management (formerly Ampla)

SimSci APC



Contactors and Protection Relays


PowerLogic™ PM5000 Power Meters


EcoStruxure™ Process Expert


PLC, PAC Controllers

Solutions and benefits

Dynamic Simulation is a comprehensive computer-based process simulator that enables users to meet the challenges of designing and operating a modern process plant safely and profitably. By assisting in process design, controls checkout and control system design, Dynamic Simulation improves yield and reduces capital investment and the operator training simulator ensures safer operations while improving performance and productivity.
  • Validate your process design and save engineering and commissioning time 
  • Verify control systems before going on-line and avoid costly mistakes 
  • Train operators in a life-like plant environment 
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer

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Dynamic Process simulation

Solutions and benefits

The virtual reality immersive Operator Training System (OTS) provides a high-fidelity virtual reality environment that mimics the actual plant, providing a realistic learning environment in which to train personnel.

Use it for procedural training, operator familiarisation, safety response training, knowledge capture, or maintenance planning and improve the overall operations and safety of your plant.

  • Supports knowledge capture and transfer of best practices 
  • Increases operator and field personnel efficiency 
  • Reduces costly avoidable mistakes 
  • Helps prevent unnecessary maintenance and repairs

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VR Immersive Operator Training

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How can mining, minerals, and metals companies optimize their processing and refining activities to become more cost-effective and energy-efficient?

Schneider Electric helps the global mining, minerals, and metals processing and refining industries accelerate digital transformation by providing new, intelligent, cost-effective, easy-to-use optimization and advanced process control solutions that reduce environmental risk and improve profitability.

As an industrial technology leader with our IIoT expertise, we can help bring innovation to each level of your highly complex mining, minerals, and metals processing and refining operations through connected products, edge control, and analytics and services.

Our scalable process automation systems integrate power and control to ensure consistent, high-quality output and reduced energy consumption objectives.

EcoStruxure Process Expert, our IIoT-enabled single automation system, helps deliver innovation to the multiple processes and machines in the processing and refining plants of the future sustainably and productively.

Our process control solutions provide simple and seamless integration of mining, minerals, and metals processing automation besides delivering flexibility for engineering, operations, and maintenance.

For cement producers looking for plant and energy efficiency, our Cement Production Optimization Solution helps achieve consistent, high-quality output and decreased energy consumption.

Process optimization in specific metals and minerals processes uses real-time visibility and economic data to ensure maximum operating profit while satisfying all regulatory requirements, delivering sustainable plant performance, and increasing return on investment.

Dynamic Simulation, a comprehensive computer-based process simulator, assists in process design, controls checkout, and control system design.

Operator Training System trains operators and field personnel in an interactive virtual reality immersive environment and facilitates knowledge transfer.