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IP protection and gas Altivar 71

Goals and Symptoms

Need to know if the power part with IP54 degree of protection (where is placed the heatsink), of Altivar 71 and 31 is proof (resistant) against the following chemical compound: NPK 8/24/24 - PK 9x36 - UREA 46% N - H8 N2 O4S - PK 14x24 - PK 20x20 - Mg SO4 7 H2O - KC1 60% K2O - K2 SO4 50% K2O - (NH4) 2 HPO4 - NH4 H2 PO4 - Ca (H2 PO4) 2 and "ammonium nitrate" with a percentage of nitrogen.

Facts and Changes


Causes and Fixes

Attached is a document with the protection against gasses for our drive. The standard IEC721-3-3 is taken as a reference.

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Gamme :
Altivar 71
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Gamme :
Altivar 71