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    Bring innovation to every level of your grid

    Improve safety, reliability, connectivity, and efficiency with EcoStruxure™ Grid, our active energy management architecture and platform.

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    Modernize your grid with the smart RMU

    Simple, flexible, and digital, our smart ring main units help you make a smoother and easier transition to a future-ready grid.

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    One solution, comprehensive capabilities

    Seamlessly integrated with the Easergy T300 remote terminal unit (RTU), the smart ring main unit (RMU) is an innovative solution that makes it easier for you to answer the evolving challenges of electrical distribution. An all-in-one solution, the smart RMU is easy to purchase, install, and maintain, helping to reduce operational costs. Its robust design fits even harsh environments.
    • Take charge of your grid evolution

      Explore the key features of the smart ring main unit and learn how it can help you transform your network into a future-ready grid

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    • Meet the Easergy T300

      Discover the advanced features of our remote terminal unit that will make your grid ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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      The cornerstone of a smart grid

      Discover how smart RMUs are introducing smart-grid capabilities into MV/LV substations.

      Why choose our smart RMU

      • Icône services de distribution d'électricité Improved energy availability Reduce outage time by detecting faults early and automatically reconfiguring the network afterward. Integrate intermittent and distributed generation smoothly to maintain energy quality and stability.
      • Default Alternative Text Optimized network performance Get your grid ready for growing energy demand. With advanced analytics, you can optimize asset management, manage load shedding and peak shaving, and reduce technical and nontechnical losses.
      • Texte alternatif par défaut Enhanced cybersecurity Enjoy the advantages of grid connectivity without worrying about the security of your data. The smart RMU is compliant with IEC 62351, IEEE 1686 role-based access control (RBAC), and Achilles Practices.
      • Icône Temps Time and cost savings Quick and easy to install, the smart RMU enables you to save time on implementation. Thanks to condition-based maintenance and simplified IT management, you can also reduce your operational costs.
      • See the new world of energy in 3D+E Discover how digitization, decarbonization, and decentralization are transforming the energy world.
      • Improve grid reliability with EcoStruxure Find out how our solutions help SA Power Networks deliver reliable power in extreme conditions.


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      • Icône Outils Reduced maintenance costs with smart sensors for substation monitoring
      • < 60 s Faster power restoration thanks to decentralized schemes
      • $ A cost- and time-effective solution to improve energy availability (SAIDI)
      • Texte alternatif par défaut Compliance with the latest cybersecurity standards
      • Icône de la Terre Expertise of the RMU market leader with +2.5 M installations worldwide

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