Web Designer for TSX ETG3xxx

Web Designer for TSX ETG3xxx

The ETG 30xx applications and HMI functions can be easily configured without any programming required using Web Designer Software. Web Designer V2 is delivered for free with each module package Web Designer is a user friendly software that provides: - Application Design - Application management and transfer (upload/download) - Module configuration - Device Data Acquisition configuration - Graphic Editor for creating graphic monitoring screens - Data Table Editor for creating Data monitoring tables - HMI services configuration (Data logging, Email / SMS, Database logging, Recipe, etc) - Web Site management and transfer (upload/download) - Easy application debug: A connection mode and a Simulator utility allow easy application debug on line or off line To get the software: - download all the attached files on your computer in a common directory. - run the *.part1.exe file to get the Software - it will uncompress the contained file (ISO CD image) into a specific folder. - use one of these 2 possibilities : 1) burn a real CD with this ISO CD image. uncompressed file, and install software from the CD. 2) or extract files from the ISO file to a directory on the PC using extraction tools like IsoBuster (Freeware), see attached file : How to extract ISO file using IsoBuster.mht, and install Software from the PC. Firmware upgrade V1.0 to V1.1 for TSXETG3xxx is available on this CD.







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WDV212.part1 (.exe)
WDV212.part2 (.rar)
WDV212.part3 (.rar)
how+to+extract+iso+file+using+isobuster (.mht)

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