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This FAQ has been written for NEAL (North East Africa and Levant) region. If you are looking for information for another region, please select the correct country from the top-left dropdown in the page and 'Navigate to Browse FAQs' in the Support menu.

How to select contactor for capacitor?

We have two types of contactors the power contactors category (AC-1 for resistive loads ex:lighting ) and category AC-3 for motors and the special contactors ( capacitor contactors)

our TESYS contactors for switching 3 phase capacitor banks for power factor correction are designed for switching single or multiple capacitor banks they conform to standards IEC 60070 and 60831 , NFC 54-100 , UL and CSA

About it's applications: contactors fitted with a block of early make poles and damping resistors , limiting the value of the current on closing 60 In max , this current limitation increases the life of all the componments of the installation in particular that of fuses and capacitors

you will find our TESYS contactors for switching 3 phase capacitors bank PDF from catalogue to know more about this range

About the range of our Low voltage capacitors (Varplus can ) we have 3 types according to applications and specifications needed ( Varpluscan SDUTY , Varpluscan Hduty and Varplus can Energy )

you will find in the attached PDF from (the reactive energy management catalogue) the part of the selection of the capacitor and the needed contactor for capacitors

About the motor contactors , it's only used for switching ON/OFF the motor conforming to category AC-3 (used for squirel cage motors ) .

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Reactive Energy Management PFCED310003EN%20(web).pdfReactive Energy Management PFCED310003EN%20(web).pdf [249.5 KB]
Tesys contactors for switching 3 phase capacitor banks.pdfTesys contactors for switching 3 phase capacitor banks.pdf [244.81 KB]
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