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Power Monitoring Expert : Database Maintenance Task Schedules


What are the default schedules for the scheduled jobs in Power Monitoring Expert?

StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.x, 8.x, 9.0, 2020


The following Windows Scheduled Tasks are present in SPM systems as of version 7.0.1. The following table shows all the available scheduled task by type of installation and their default execution times.

Task NameSystemSchedule
[ION_Data] - BACKUP - JobSQL ExpressEvery Friday at midnight.
[ION_Network] - BACKUP - JobSQL ExpressDaily at 1:00 AM
[ION_Data] - MAINTENANCE - JobSQL ExpressDaily at 2:00 AM
[ION_Data] - SIZE NOTIFICATION - JobSQL ExpressDaily at 3:00 AM
[ION_Network] - MAINTENANCE - JobSQL ExpressDaily at 7:30 AM
[ION_SystemLog] - TRIM - JobSQL ExpressDaily at 4:00 AM
[ION_SystemLog] - MAINTENANCE - JobSQL ExpressDaily at 7:05 AM
[ApplicationModules] - MAINTENANCE - JobSQL Express and StandardDaily at 3:30 AM
[ApplicationModules] - TRIM - JobSQL Express and StandardDaily at 2:30 AM
[ApplicationModules] - BACKUP - JobSQL Express and StandardDaily at 1:30 AM

FAQ - FA233177 explains "How to modify database maintenance schedules contained in Windows Task Scheduler".

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