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Debugging the factorycast HMI (RecipeDB service)

Any change in Unity Pro, either a full build or online changes, will cause a signature error between the HMI engine in the factorycast HMI and the target Device0 (CPU).  There will not be any communication between the factorycast HMI and the CPU. As a result, subscribed variables will NOT be updated.
All Unity Pro changes will require a Synchronization Process.
Product Line
Factory cast HMI (WMY, NMW)
When the factorycast HMI is operational and communications stop there could be a runtime error on the RecipeDB Service.  Potential causes of this runtime error are:
  • Target Database does not exist
  • Target Table does not exist
  • Target Column on Target Database Table does not exist.
  • Invalid User or User has not adequate rights
       These errors may be caused by altering the database, however, the likelihood of their occurrence should be very slim since the esquema for the target database table MUST be pre-defined for the RecipeDB service. These errors consist of Database design error. A more likely runtime error may be loss of link and/or Database Server unreachable
How to determine runtime errors in the service:
On the RecipeDB property page, map the Service Status Variable to a PLC symbol and capture the current status. This variable MUST be unique between modules so it does not get overwritten.

RecipDB status values:

Errors 20 through 24 can be addressed by the user. Should ANY error code 25 be detected, please FTP to the factorycast HMI, either with an FTP client or by using Web Designer’s  Site Explorer and retrieve the log files: logging.out, logging.out.1
The MUST important log file is the “logging.out” since it contains the current information. “Logging.ou.1” is a backup file and may belong to a previous running time. HOWEVER, if the WMY 100 has been rebooted for whatever reason,”logging.out.1” contains the information of the previous running time.
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