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What would cause the ATV630 Drive not to follow the analog speed reference and ramp up to speed?

ATV630 Drive not following the analog speed reference and ramping up to speed

Product Line:
ATV630, ATV930, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680


Missing analog signal for speed control

  • Check the Analog Inputs Image in the I/O Map (4.10) and see what measurement the drive lists for the analog input you're using.
    • Example: If you're sending 10V to AI1, make sure AI1 lists 10V in the Analog Inputs Image.
  • In the analog input map [Complete settings] [Input/Output] [AI/AQ] (Menu 5.11, AI/AQ tab) make sure the analog type is assigned correctly per the signal (0-10V or 4-20mA) that you're using. And that the Min and Max values are set properly according to the range that your signal is using.
  • If you're using reference switching (such as with a hand/off/auto switch), check the Digital Input Map and make sure the digital input that you have set for reference switching is being activated/deactivated appropriately.
    • Example: You have a Hand/Off/Auto switch wired to DI3. You're using a speed pot on AI1 in Hand mode, which is working fine. You have a 0-10V building automation signal wired to AI3 for speed reference in Auto, to which the drive is not responding. Make sure DI3 is being activated in the Digital Input Map when you turn your switch to Auto. If not, check your wiring to DI3 and make sure you have 24Vdc when measure between DI3 and COM.
  • Check to see if there is a preset speed assigned that is overriding the analog signal. [Complete settings] [Generic functions] [Preset speeds]
  • Check to see if there is an auto manual or reference switching assigned. (This parameter can be accessed if [PID Feedback] PIF is not set to [Not Configured] NO.) If so, check the digital input to see if the input is switching for the correct analog input.
  • Make sure the drive's status on the HMI is showing the status as 'Run' (upper left-hand corner of the display).
  • Check to see if the drive's status is 'CLI', which means the motor is pulling excessive amps and the drive is in current limit mode (upper left-hand corner of the display).

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