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PowerLogic PM800 series

Compact, modularly flexible meters for feeders or critical loads

96x96mm PowerLogic power-monitoring units for HV and LV networks

PowerLogic PM800 series
  • Features

    The PowerLogic PM800 series power meters offer high-performance measurement capabilities needed to monitor an electrical installation in a compact 96 x 96 mm unit. The power meter's large easy-to-read display lets you view all three phases and neutral at the same time.

    Standard features of the PM800 series power meters include an RS485 Modbus communication port (ASCII and RTU) and Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP (optional), digital input, digital output, THD metering, and alarming. Also, the PM820, PM850 offer custom on-board logging and individual current and voltage harmonic readings. The PM850 offers waveform capture. And the PM870 is the first compact meter to offer voltage and current disturbance (sag and swell) detection and configurable waveform capture. In addition all models offer Input Metering (WAGES) capability and GPS date/time synchronization. The PM850 and PM870 include EN50160 and ITI(CBEMA)/SEMI F-47 Evaluations as well.


    • ANSI 12.20 Class 0.2S and IEC 62053-22 class 0.5S for active energy. Accurate energy measurement for sub-billing and cost allocation
    • Easy to install. Panel-mount with only two clips, or DIN rail mounting with or without remote display.
    • Direct connect voltage inputs. No need for potential transformers (PTs) up to 600 VAC
    • Intuitive navigation with self-guided, language-selectable menus
    • Large, anti-glare display with white back-light provides summary screens with multiple values
    • Input Metering or WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, steam) metering capability on all models. A single channel can aggregate pulses from multiple inputs
    • Modular and upgradeable
    • Type 12 compliant Optional Remote Display (as far as 10m from the metering unit)
    • Optional Ethernet communication port offers Modbus TCP/IP protocol with SNMP object and trap support for host meter utilizing the PM8ECC MIB, e-mail on alarm, web server and Ethernet-to-serial gateway
    • GPS date and time synchronization thru any one of the digital inputs
    • Extensive and non-volatile On-board memory
    • Custom alarming with time stamping (PM820/50/70)
    • Trend curves and short-term forecasting (PM850 and PM870)
    • Individual harmonic magnitudes and angles, and waveform capture (PM850/70)
    • EN50160, ITI(CBEMA)/SEMI F-47 evaluation (PM850/70)
    • Voltage and current disturbance (sag and swells) detection and configurable waveform capture (PM870)
    • ANSI C37.90.1 Surge Withstand Capability (SWC) and IEC 61000-4-12 Surge Immunity compliance


    Power quality and energy analysis in a compact unit

    The PowerLogic Series 800 Power Meter is designed to:

    • Reduce energy costs by helping you understand where and how energy is being used
    • Extend equipment life and avoid unnecessary equipment purchases by helping you understand circuit loading and identify spare capacity
    • Improve power system reliability and reduce downtime by helping you monitor, troubleshoot, and prevent power quality issues (the PM870 includes sag and swell detection and configurable waveform capture)
    •  Measure and manage non-electric utilities using up to five different channelsfor optimal management of your electrical installation and a better productivity.


    • Panel instrumentation
    • Sub-billing, cost allocation, and utility bill verification
    • Remote monitoring of an electrical installation.
    • Mid-range power quality and energy management analysis
    • Utility contract optimisation and load preservation

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