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Exported .xsy mapped %MW registers from Advantys are not mapped correctly in UNITY.

Exported memory addresses from Advantys '.xsy' file are not mapped correctly in UNITY.

Product Line
Advantys Configuration Software...All Versions

Windows 7

The memory address does not get assigned correctly when a '.xsy' exported file for an Advantys
CAN-OPEN application gets imported into a Unity application. Unity assigns random %MW
addresses to the imported symbols.

The reason this occurs is due to the design of both the Advantys Configuration Software and the Unity
Configuration Software. Even though the memory address can be defined on an exported '.xsy' file,
there is no way to specify the number of registers to be reserved. When '.xsy'file is imported into
UNITY the software does not know which registers are free for mapping in the Unity application. In order
to prevent inadvertently overwriting the registers that are already assigned to variables, a random
block of free registers is assigned to the imported symbols.

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