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Vista message: Unexpected program status 'Bad'

When linking a Numeric Object in Vista to a Modbus source created with the Modbus Device Importer, the object is surrounded by an orange box. The message when hovering over the box is:
Vista error
Communication error. The source returned an unexpected result. "Unexpected program status 'Bad'." The value has not been read.

Management Console will also provide an error:
MC Error
Invalid Modbus Register Address '400000'.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.x
PME 8.x

Modbus Device Importer

There is an invalid register address configured in the driver that is causing the bad status.

Open the affected translator file in the Modbus Device Importer (Management Console>Tools>Modbus Device Importer). Once open, find the invalid Modbus address referenced in the Management Console error; in this case, it is registered as '400000'. Either reassign the correct Modbus address or remove the register completely from the translator, save, and update the device type.

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