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STBNIP2212 Ethernet NIM Fix for Potential Unsolicited Operation

The purpose of this Resolution is to inform STBNIP2212 Ethernet NIM users that outputs could pulse on for approximately 500ms under certain conditions.

The problem occurs under the following conditions:

A client is communicating to an Advantys Ethernet NIM containing output modules that are configured only for 'fallback to zero' and not a pre-configured condition i.e. 'hold last value' or set to 'predetermined value'. If an output is programmed to be on and communication is lost to the NIM, the output will go off after the holdup time is expired. At this time, if the client changes the output value to zero during the disruption in communications and then communications is re-established, the output will pulse on for 500ms then go off or a zero state.

This problem occurs with STBNIP2212 Exec. versions 1.12 and lower.

Product Line
STBNIP2212 non-Rohs

The solution is to upgrade the Ethernet NIM to Exec. v.1.16.0 (released 6/30/04).

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