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Video: How to register an ION service

An ION Service is removed after installation or does not get installed

Command Prompt running as administrator

ION Enterprise 6.0
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM) 7.0
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2, 8.x, 9.0, 2020

Many different reasons could cause an ION service to not exist. If the issue is during the install process it is recommend to contact technical support for assistance.

Any of the ION services can be registered from the command line by running:
and unregistered with:

The EXE files are located in \system\bin folder.
Below is an example of registering the OPC service

Below is a list of the executables associated with each ION service, Not all services are available in each version of software:
ION Alert MonitorAlertMonitor.exe 
ION Cloud AgentCloud.Agent.Pme.Service.exe
ION Component IdentifierPMLexeMonikers.exe 
ION Connection ManagementPMLConnectionManager.exe
ION Diagnostics and UsageIONDiagnosticsAndUsage.exe
ION Event WatcherIONEventWatcherService.exe
ION Log Inserterlogsrv.exe 
ION Log Subsystem RouterLogSubsystem.Service.exe
ION Managed CircuitLogicalDevice.AutoConfig.ServiceHost.exe
ION Network RouterPMLNetman.exe
ION OPC Data AccessION.OpcDaServer.exe
ION Power Quality AggregationIONPowerQualityAggregator.exe
ION PQDIF ExporterPQDIFExporter.exe
ION QueryQueryServer.exe
ION Real Time DataIONServices.exe 
ION Report SubscriptionIONReportSubscriptionService.exe
ION Sitesiteserv.exe
ION Software Alarm or
ION Software Data Processing
ION Software Modbus GatewayModbusGatewayService.exe
ION Virtual Processor vip.exe
ION XML Subscription WebReach.XMLSubscriptionService.exe
ION XML Subscription StoreSubscriptionStore.exe

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