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What can cause the ATS48 soft starter to pull high motor currents on start up?

Possible cause for the ATS48 soft starter to pull high motor currents on start up.

Product Line:
Altistart ATS48


The soft starter is pulling high currents on start up.

This is normally for the ATS48 soft starter to pull high currents  on start up for the duration of the ACC time that is programmed in the soft starter.
Example:  If the current  limit setting ILT is set to 400% or 4X the FLA and the FLA is 100 amps the soft starter will pull 400 amps during the ACC ramp programmed time in seconds..
Once the motor is up to speed the motor current should drop down to or below the rated motor FLA and  if used,  the optional shorting contactor will pull in at this time.

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