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Video: How do I set up PID control on the Altivar Process ATV630 and ATV930 Drives?

Setting up PID on an Altivar Process Drive?.

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

All models and serial numbers


Review ATV6xx programming manual section - 7.6 [Pump functions] - [PID controller]
Review ATV9xx programming manual section - 8.5[
Pump functions] [PID controller]
The [PID feedback] needs to be assigned to one of the analog inputs.
  1. The analog input must be scaled to match the transducer.  If the transducer provides a 4-20mA signal the minimum and maximum input must be scaled accordingly.  Example: If AI3 is used then (AI3 type) must be set to current, (AI3 min. value) CrL1 = 4 and (AI3 Max.value) CrH2 = 20.
  2. The [PID reference] can be assigned by one of the following methods:
    1. Preset references via digital inputs (rP2, rP3, rP4).
    2. [Intern PID Ref] PII: (such as a potentiometer)
    3. [Internal PID ref] rPI (internal set point)
    4. Or manually by [Ref Freq 1] Fr1 or [Ref.1B channel] Fr1b.
  3. The minimum and maximum feedback range must be set within the range of the sensor
    1. Example – [Min PID feedback] PiF1 = 0
    2. Example - [Max PID feedback] PiF2 = 100
  4. The [Min PID Process] PiP1and [Max PID Process] PiP2 must be set within the range of the minimum and maximum feedback.  This may not be necessary and can be set the same as the minimum and maximum feedback above.  However, it may provide more accuracy if set within the linearity of the feedback signal as the example shows below.
    1. Example – [Min PID Process] PiP1 = 10
    2. Example – [Max PID Process] PiP2 = 90

The following is an example where the Transducer is providing a 4-20mA signal with a range of 0 to 87 PSI.  The set point to be maintained is 50 PSI.
PID controller feedbackYes
AI2 current scaling parameter of 0%4
AI2 current scaling parameter of 100%20
Minimum PID feedback0
Maximum PID feedback87
Internal PID referenceyes
Minimum PID process0
Maximum PID process87
Internal PID reference50
Auto/Manual select inputno

Key Notes:
Make sure Macro Configuration is set to Generic Pump Control (v1.5IExx or later)

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