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What are the recommended replacement parts for the ION7650 series meter and PowerLogic Circuit Monitor CM4000T meter?

Published date: 10 September 2020

Product Line
PowerLogic Circuit Monitor CM4000T meter
ION7650 series meter
ION9000(T) series meter

End of commercialization and recommended replacement

The ION7650 series meter and the CM4000T meter are obsolete.

The recommended replacement for the ION7650 is the ION9000 series meter.  The meters are not physically identical.  The ION7650 series also had Ethernet Fiber capability.  This feature is not enabled on the ION9000.  

The ION9000 can be ordered with or without the remote display:  
  • Without display:  METSEION92030
  • With display:  METSEION92040

The recommended replacement for the CM4000T is the ION9000T series meter.  

The ION9000T can be ordered with or without the remote display:  
  • Without display:  METSEION95030
  • With display:  METSEION95040
The "T" stands for transient, indicating the High-Speed Transient Capture (HSTC) capabilities of each meter.  The ION9000T provides HSTC of voltage events 100 nanoseconds or longer in duration and up to 10,000 V in magnitude with high-speed and disturbance waveform captures, as well as per-event statistics on each transient.  

See the following links and attached pdfs for documentation on all the meters, including the comparison table to view the differences:  

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