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What is the difference between BMENOR2200 and BMENOR2200.2 module inside the Control Expert under device list?

The BMENOR2200 device supports the Standalone M580 CPU configuration and cannot be configured under the Modicon M580 HSBY setup and only supports DNP3 protocol.

The BMENOR2200.2 device supports the HSBY M580 CPU configuration as well as Standalone M580 CPU configuration. And supports the IEC104(Client/Server), DNP3 (Client/Server) and TLS for DNP3 and IEC104

NOTE: (Compatibility check for the BMENOR2200.2 device)
  • For the BMENOR2200.2 make sure the firmware version of the module =>02.01.06 version.
  • Control Expert V15 is requires with the following HF.
  • ControlExpert_V150_HF_Integrity_check
  • ControlExpert_V150_HF_BMENOR2200H (The above Integrity HF should installed first followed by this BMENOR2200H HF)
  • From the following link the HF and the SV can be found for the BMENOR2200H on Schneider Electric website.
  • https://www.se.com/ww/en/product/BMENOR2200H/x80-advanced-rtu-module%2C-ethernet-based%2C-1-serial-port%2C-hardened/

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