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What affects the Modbus TCP IOScanner's load in EcoStruxure Machine Expert/SoMachine? Can I see the current IOScanner load on the software?

1. Issue
User wants to monitor the load in the Modbus TCP IOScanner inside EcoStruxure Machine Expert/SoMachine.

2. Product Line
EcoStruxure Machine Expert, SoMachine

3. Resolution
The Modbus TCP IOScanner is a service based on Ethernet that polls slave devices continuously to exchange data, status, and diagnostic information. This process monitors inputs and controls outputs of slave devices.

Therefore, to manage the load, you can manipulate one or more of the following load factors:
► Number of slaves
► Number of channels
► Repetition rate

Inside the Modbus TCP IO Scanner configuration window, on the Tab "Modbus TCP IO Scanner Resources" it is possible to read the current IO Scanner load, input and output words as well as the number of channels configured.

Visualization of the

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