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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric

Peter Herweck
“Our EcoStruxure for Industry makes it easy to get started, by digitizing your machines and processes and maximizing returns in this evolving environment.”
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Pivoting toward digital transformation

Discover four lessons learned from Schneider Chairman & CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire about pivoting toward digital transformation in Accenture's "Wise Pivot" podcast.
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32% of IT decision-makers say that digital business already has helped their organization's growth

Up to 23% increase in revenue from digital business

Readiness for digital transformation is the foundation for success

Are you among the two-thirds of industrial companies who are currently, or planning to, implement industrial transformation? A new report by LNS Research finds that there is quite a wide gap in how the companies perceived as industrial transformation leaders develop their transformation project strategies compared with companies perceived as followers.
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1. Shift the focus

Smarter machines, better coffee

Working together with Schneider and Microsoft, Berto Coffee Roaster leveraged EcoStruxure Machine to build a fully digitized and automated coffee roaster machine that improves these outcomes.

Foster your customer-centric innovation

The driver behind this digital reboot is the customer. No longer can any company build technology in a vacuum; instead, it must leverage technology advancements (e.g., IoT, AI, cloud, sensing, mobility) to advance customer-centric innovation and R&D.
2. Build an innovation culture

Chief Information Officer, Schneider Electric

Elizabeth Hackenson
“In short, you’re cultivating a culture of empowerment to accelerate your company’s digital transformation, led by your group’s digital evangelists who are motivated to seize the art of possibility.”

Best practices for enterprise digital transformation

The digital transformation journey is taken by people, not by organisations. Communicate your digital strategy throughout your company. Empower and inspire your employees with digital on-boarding, training, and support. Reduce unnecessary apps and give digital employees a chance to adapt to new work efficiency tools. Allow time for a culture to develop and a true digital transformation journey will unfold.

Enrich your customers' experience

You can enhance your best-in-class offers and re-architect the end users’ experience to drive new and positive business outcomes for customers. Indeed, customers are the reason for accelerating development of new digital business models. In fact, more than half of business leaders (56%) say that enriching the customer experience is their top digital transformation priority.VII
3. Go digital as you digitize

Building the foundation for digital resilience

How to make a company digital resilient to ensure business continuity in time if crisis?
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4. Build a digital ecosystem

Chairman & CEO, Schneider Electric

Jean-Pascal Tricoire
“A single company cannot operate successfully in a silo. A successful corporation depends on an ecosystem of partnerships and innovation partners."
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Discover Schneider's own ecosystem of best-in-breed tech partners

Ecosystem partners can bring a higher level of agility and a much broader base of technology expertise than any one player. As many as approximately 85% of industrial equipment executives agree they have to innovate ever faster just to keep a competitive edge.VIII
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Bringing together the world's innovators

Hear from our Chief Digital Officer, and Vernon Turner, Executive Analyst at Ecosystm, who are working together in Schneider Electric Exchange to solve energy and process efficiency problems.

Speed, agility, scale: Co-innovation fuels digital innovation

Discover how our strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Accenture, Cisco, Intel and more advance your digital transformation.

Join the Innovation Talk

Catch up on the latest digital priorities – watch our expert panel discussions and keep up with the latest trends. Learn how joining an open ecosystem business community will help you build sustainable growth.
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5. Strengthen cybersecurity

Address your challenges

Look at cyber from all perspectives

Model threats and make cyber risk scenarios tangible from a bottom-line standpoint (i.e., cost, reputation, business disruption, supply chain impact).

Don’t try to do everything at once

Use concrete risk scenarios to efficiently prioritize prevention, detection, response and recovery plans. In turn, you can target funding to the best use.

Adopt a layered, in-depth approach

If you recognize cybersecurity as spanning everything — from identification of risk through recovery —, you can take a proactive approach and drive digital innovation as an inherent part of your security framework.

Learn as much as possible about every incident

Course-correct processes, plans, and risk-scenario modeling by thoroughly reviewing and assessing incidents, sharing debriefing information across your extended enterprise and digital ecosystem.