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Supporting research, education and sustainability

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) set out to transform its data center to support rapid IT growth for research and education purposes, while addressing the energy paradox and its own challenging sustainability commitments. Schneider Electric has taken a consultancy approach and offered a comprehensive turnkey solution with an integration of its best-of-breed hardware, software and services to support rapid IT growth for research, education and sustainability.

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1. Why do data centres need to be cooled?

Data centres are a group of interlinked computer servers that are an integral part of every organisation. They are responsible for storing, maintaining, distributing, and processing massive amounts of data efficiently. Data centre cooling is an essential process that must be executed at the proper intervals to avoid overheating that can cause hot spots, leading to downtime and equipment failure. We at Schneider Electric offer products for necessary cooling, power protection, and IT equipment racks. These products include UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), security and environmental appliances, filters and harmonic conditioners, and much more. 

2. How do I keep my server room cool? 

Server room cooling is a vital process to ensure that all the computing equipment of the organisation is functioning smoothly and reliably. There are multiple ways a server room can be cooled down, for example by using blanking panels, industrial air conditioners, low-energy lighting, and more.   Schneider Electric provides incredibly impactful and flexible solutions by effectively connecting data and cloud applications. We also offer a diverse range of IT rack cooling products and IT equipment racks that will cool down your server room within a short period of time. These products successfully provide surge protection and power conditioning, prefabricated data centre modules, critical power, and cooling services.

3. How do I protect my data centre? 

A data centre is a network of interconnecting computer systems that stores and maintains all the data and critical applications of an organisation; hence, it is essential to ensure that data centres are optimally protected. You can effectively protect your data centre by voluntarily establishing secure zones in the network, locking down hosts and servers, scanning for application vulnerabilities. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Data Centre solution is an IoT-enabled platform that brings rack-based management, cooling, power, and security solutions to assist IT deployments in edge environments. Schneider Electric’s data centre power protection services also carry a carefully designed DCIM software that can play a significant role in protecting data centres by providing real-time device monitoring, user-defined graphs and reports, remote monitoring, and more.