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Welcome to our website.

How can our maintenance services help you?

Today, when you think of maintenance, you need a trusted partner with deep expertise in energy management and automation that can help you prevent downtime, increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Schneider Electric maintenance services help you keep your operations running smoothly by covering a wide scope of technology in the industry:
  • Low and medium voltage equipment
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Variable speed drives
  • Motors
  • UPS and cooling equipment
  • Modular Data Centre

You can rely on our highly qualified services team, both on-site and remotely to support your maintenance strategy, from extended warranties up to a service plan with 24/7 remote monitoring and expertise.

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Our maintenance services

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  • Services technician supports the condition-based maintenance of the facility

    EcoStruxure Service Plan

    By using condition-based maintenance, you can perform the right maintenance at the right time and reduce your maintenance activities by up to 40%.

    Digital service plan

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  • Service Plans

    Service Plans

    Comprehensive service packages that allow you to design the coverage you need to operate your solution efficiently, minimize downtime and manage costs.

    Calendar-based service plan, Critical Power and Cooling

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  • Technicians checking the result of downtime risk analysis

    Advantage Service Plan - Modicon PAC/PLC Platforms and EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS

    Reduce the risk of downtime, improve maintenance budgeting, and extend asset life.

    Calendar-based service plan, Industrial Automation

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  • Technician performing the maintenance of variable speed drives

    Advantage Service Plan - variable speed drives

    Flexible service contract to extend drive value and performance.

    Calendar-based service plan, Industrial Automation

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  • Medium Voltage

    Extended warranties - industrial automation

    Consider extending protection for your critical drives.

    Calendar-based service plan, Industrial Automation

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  • Extended Warranties - Critical Power & Cooling

    Extended Warranties - Critical Power & Cooling

    Get an extension of factory warranty coverage beyond the original factory warranty term for peace of mind and protection from failure

    Calendar-based service plan, Critical Power and Cooling

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  • two men in factory

    EcoStruxure Asset Advisor — Electrical Distribution

    Monitor your critical assets to improve your electrical distribution through digital services and analytics.

    Embedded digital services and applications

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  • EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

    EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

    Offers maximum protection of your critical equipment via smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and 24/7 real-time monitoring directly to your mobile phone.

    Embedded digital services and applications

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  • Two technicians monitoring electrical systems performance

    EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for rotating equipment

    Our experts provide web actionable dashboards, timeline reports, and recommendations with optional on-site support.

    Embedded digital services and applications

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  • EcoStruxure Building Advisor

    EcoStruxure Building Advisor

    Services that unlock the operational performance of your facilities

    Embedded digital services and applications, Building

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  • EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor

    EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor

    Digital services to optimize energy supply performance in large sites.

    Embedded digital services and applications

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  • Services technician checking the asset health of variable speed drives

    Drive services

    No matter where you are in your operational lifecycle, Schneider Electric can help you get more out of your variable frequency or variable speed drives.

    Industrial Automation

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  • A shot of many canned tuna on automated conveyor belt passed through the high-performance, robust, and precision nozzle of the inkjet printer

    Performance optimisation services

    Our experts help proactively meet industrial production challenges in HMI design, alarm management, and control loop tuning.

    Industrial Automation

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  • Automation maintenance and support

    Take advantage of the numerous benefits of our maintenance and support services programmes.

    Industrial Automation

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  • EcoStruxure Facility Expert

    EcoStruxure Facility Expert

    Facility management software and app


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How can maintenance services and remote monitoring of assets and systems ensure efficient and sustainable operations and maximum uptime?

Schneider Electric provides maintenance services for a broad range of technology industries, ensuring improved electrical asset management, optimised power management, and IT efficiency through service offerings that prevent downtime, maximise resilience, and contribute to your sustainability goals. As an industrial technology leader and a trusted IoT partner with deep energy management and automation expertise, Schneider Electric offers EcoStruxure Service Plans that support your maintenance strategy. From essential support to the most advanced expertise, EcoStruxure™ Service Plans are a set of tailored service contracts that combine the power of our EcoStruxure platform with remote consultancy and on-site and dynamic maintenance. Companies looking to counter the facility maintenance challenges posed by rising labour costs and increased instances of plant downtime benefit from deploying our condition-based maintenance programmes with remote monitoring, diagnosis, and resolution, combined with digital services. Our highly qualified maintenance services experts provide the best on-site preventive and corrective maintenance and remote consulting services through augmented reality applications and mobile device support to troubleshoot and fix issues saving travel time and reducing footprint. Our extended warranties and service plans allow you to design the coverage you need for extended asset life and protection from failure, lending peace of mind. Schneider Electric helps industrial owners achieve critical sustainability challenges by offering tailored service contracts with 24/7 expert monitoring, condition-based maintenance, annual consultation, and customised reports for equipment health optimisation.