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Can you get an external keypad on a NEMA 3R E-FLEX drive?

External keypad option for E-Flex Nema 3R drive

Product Line:
Altivar Machines

NEMA 3R only E-Flex drives

Needs to order an NEMA 3R -E-Flex drive with a remote keypad display mounted on the door.

The E-Flex drive is obsolete. External keypad was not available on the E-Flex. The replacement ATV660 drive also does not have an option for external keypad on Nema 3R, as they are not UV protected.

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30072-454-01.pdf30072-454-01.pdf [6.36 MB]
E-Flex_30072-451-51.D.pdfE-Flex_30072-451-51.D.pdf [5.87 MB]
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