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Video: Useful tool for testing SQL Database Connections

Published date: 29 May 2018

This method can be utilized in testing database connectivity/authentication between servers.

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Windows Operating Systems

There is a built-in Windows utility that can be used for testing SQL Database connections. This tool can be useful when testing username\passwords, as well as connections to remote database servers.

1. On the Desktop, right click and create a New Text Document. (Note: "Hide extensions for known file types" must NOT be checked in the Folder Options")
2. Change the file extension from .txt to .udl.
3) Double Click on the .udl file to bring up the Data Link Properties window.

4) Enter the name of the SQL Server you are trying to connect to. <Servername>\<Instance>

5) Enter the user credentials being tested.

6) Select the database from the drop down list. (If there is no connection to the database server, this step will fail).

7) Click "Test Connection". If successful, you will get a message saying "Test connection succeeded".

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