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Is it possible to reset a TCSESM ConneXium Ethernet Managed Switch back to its factory default settings with Hyper Terminal?

Published date: 28 September 2020

It is possible to reset a TCSESM ConneXium Ethernet Managed Switch to its factory defaults by using the serial external management cable 490NTRJ11 and a PC running Hyper Terminal.
Note: Resetting the factory defaults will erase any configurations previously set to the switch.

First launch Hyper Terminal from Windows.

Give the connection a Name and press OK
Next choose the comm port you plan to connect through and press OK.

Set the Com Properties to 9600, 8, None, 1, and None.
Press Apply the OK.

Power Cycle the TCSESM and in a few moments you'll be asked "Press <1> to enter System Monitor 1...".
At this point you only have 2 seconds to press the number 1 on you keyboard or the switch will start loading its operating system.

If you pressed 1 in time you see the screen below come up after a few seconds. If not you'll you will need to start over.
If you see this menu press 5 to Erase main configuration file (resets factory defaults).
Next you'll be asked to press RETURN to delete or ESC to cancel.

When prompted that the Main configuration file has been deleted press any key to continue.

This brings you back to the menu and this time you want to press 4 to End (reset and reboot).

You will be asked to Press <1> to enter System Monitor 1... again but this time don't do it just let the operating system install.

Finally you will see the default TCSESM configuration menu and the factory defaults will have been reset.

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