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What could cause the M340 MB+ proxy TCSEGDB23F24FA not to transmitting any Peer Copped data?

One possible explanation as to why the TCSEGDB23F24FA is not transmitting any Peer Copped data is that the Peer Cop Health Status is not being written to the M340.
By default the TCSEGDB23F24FA will write Peer Cop Health Status to %MW3072 (+12 words) in the M340 however also by default the M340 only allocates up to %MW1024 as valid memory locations.
The TCSEGDB23F24FA will try to write the health to the M340 and if it fails 10 times in 1 second then it will not transmit any Peer Copped data.
To resolve this issue you can either allocate more memory in the M340 PLC configuration or choose to have the TCSEGDB23F24FA write the Health Status to a different memory area in the M340.
Note: The health is written to 12 consecutive registers. Therefore the programmer need to make sure that they do not over write any other data in the M340.

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