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What is the part number for a replacement knob on ATV61/71/212 keypad, VW3A1101?

Replacement part number for knob on ATV61/71/212 keypad, VW3A1101.

Product Line:
VW3A1101 Keypad

All model numbers.

The main knob has broken off or is missing and a replacement is needed.  The keypad still works properly, only the knob is missing.

There is no part number to order a replacement knob.
If the keypad was manufactured prior to Week 22 of 2012 then US customers can reach out to drive.products.support@schneider-electric.com to see if any replacement knobs remain available.
Be sure to include a shipping address and the serial number from the keypad (found on the label on the back of the keypad).

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