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How can the voltage boost be adjusted on an ATV312 drive?

Published date: 18 January 2019

How can the voltage boost be adjusted on an ATV312 drive?

Product Line:


Need for more voltage on startup.

Go to SEt menu
[IR compensation]  0 to 100%  default is 20%
- For [U/F mot 1 selected] (UFt) = [SVC] (n) or [Energy sav.] (nLd), : IR compensation
- For [U/F mot 1 selected] (UFt) = [Cst. torque] (L) or [Var. torque] (P), : Voltage boost
Used to optimize the torque at very low speed (increase [IR compensation] (UFr) if the torque is insufficient).
Check that the value for [IR compensation] (UFr) is not too high when the motor is in a hot state otherwise some
instabilities can occur.
Note: Changing [U/F mot 1 selected] (UFt), will cause [IR compensation] (UFr) to return to its factory setting (20%).

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