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ION 7350 Sag/Swell not triggered when meter is in Direct Delta Volts Mode

Published date: 06 November 2020

A Sag or Swell is not triggered in an ION 7350 when the meter is configured in Direct Delta Volts Mode.

ION 7350 Power Meter: All versions of Firmware.

ION7350 meter connected to Delta system and the voltage mode is set to Delta Direct.

An issue has been identified in the firmware for the sag/swell module on the ION 7350 meter

The Sag/Swell module can be relinked to resolve the issue.

1) Link the Vab, Vbc, and Vca voltage from the High Speed Power Meter Module to V1, V2, and V3 accordingly
a) In Designer, navigate to the Sag/Swell module on the meter.
b) Right click on the input icon
c) Select V1 and then select "HS Vll ab" from the Output of the High Speed Power Meter Module

d) Repeat for V2 and V3

Note if the meter is reused for a Wye system the voltage links will need to be restored to default.

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