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Can Drives or Softstarts that are damaged by lightning be repaired?

Published date: 04 October 2018

Can Drives or Softstarts that are damaged by lightning be repaired?

Product Line:
All Altivar and Altistart products.

All products damaged by lightning strike or other massive power surge.

Customer is weighting the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement.

It is not recommended to attempt repair on equipment that has been damaged by a lightning strike or other similar power surge.  In this scenario, some components will be damaged immediately and others will be stressed and will fail prematurely.   This often creates a situation where the drive product will require ongoing repairs as further component failures occur.  This can quickly lead to repair costs in excess of replacement costs along with increased downtime.  For this reason it is recommended to replace any equipment that has sustained a massive power surge or lightning strike.

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