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Why do I need to add "*" to my Alarm filter after upgrading from PLSCADA 7.20?

Published date: 12 November 2019

After upgrading from PLSCADA 7.20 or before, user now needs to add the wild character "*" to search for generic alarms.

In PLSCADA 7.20, user could search for all sags by typing in "sag" (without quotes) in the filter.
In Power SCADA Expert (PSE) 7.30 and above, user will need to type in "*sag" (without quotes) to get the same result.

Power SCADA Expert 7.30 and above
PLSCADA 7.20 and below

OS supported by PLSCADA or PSE software

Changes to the alarming engine now require the "*" to be prepended to the string the user is filtering on.

User must now prepend "*" to any filter if the word being filtered is not the first word in the alarm.

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