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Video: How do you set up the ATV630 process drive so HMI dial is speed reference and the terminals are start stop control?

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ATV630 set up to work HMI as speed reference and terminals as start stop control.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV630 and ATV930 drives


HMI speed reference and terminal 2 wire control for starting.


Programming Sequence

From the Main Menu:
  1. Scroll down (slide your finger around the wheel clockwise) to Menu 5 Complete Settings and press OK
  2. Then scroll down to Menu 5.5 Command and references, press OK, and verify/modify the following parameters:
  • Ref Freq 1 Config = Ref.Freq-Rmt.Term               (sets the keypad to be your speed control)
  • control mode = Separate                                  (your start/stop command and speed reference are coming from different sources)
  • Command switching = Command channel 1    (tells the drive to look at channel 1 for start/stop)
  • CMD channel 1 = Terminals                            (tells the drive what command channel 1 is)
Note: If your drive is already set to I/O Profile control mode, you won't see Not Separate. You would have to go to Not Separate first, and then you would have the option of Separate.
However, going from I/O Profile to Not Separate would force a factory reset. So if you're already set to I/O Profile, leave it in I/O Profile unless you want to do a factory reset.

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