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Is the DC Choke included in a High HP ATV61 or ATV71 drive?

Customer wants to know if the DC Choke comes with the drive or if it needs to be ordered separately.

Product Line:
55 kW (75HP) thru 90 kW (125 HP) at 200-240 VAC
90 kW (125HP) thru 630 kW (900 HP) at 380-480 VAC

55kW (75HP) thru 90 kW (100 HP) at 200-240 VAC
90 kW (125HP) thru 630 kW (700 HP) at 380-480 VAC

Part numbers MUST NOT have a D at the end.


All versions

Clarification of part numbers

The ATV61 and ATV71 High HP drives come standard with the DC Choke.

However, part numbers with a D at the end (example; ATV61HC11N4D) have the DC Choke deleted and will REQUIRE the use of a 5% input line reactor.

See the installation manual (https://www.se.com/us/en/download/document/1760655/) for details if needed.
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