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Power Monitoring Expert - SW Time loss (Breaker Comms Module) lost and Restored Events in Web Apps even if it is disabled under Events/micrologic.evt?

Published date: 12 July 2018

 SW Time loss (Breaker Comms Module) lost and Restored Events in Web Apps even after alarm is disabled under Events/micrologic.evt?

SW Time loss (Breaker Comms Comms Module) lost and Restored are showing up under Event under Web Applications even after the event has been disabled under
Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\System\Translators\Events\micrologic.evt.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.1
Web Applications

PME Web Applications

PME 8.1 is report false events for the micrologic trip units (SW Time Loss Breaker Comms Module Lost and Restored)

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).

This issue has been fixed in PME 8.2
The workaround for PME 8.1 is to apply a hotfix fix to allow the Micrologic nuisance events to be suppressed
 It is replacing the attached dll file from the Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\System\Bin  Directory.

To deploy:
1. Shut down the siteserv service and close the web applications on the server
2. Rename the existing file in the \system\bin directory - xlMicrologic.dll
3. Swap in the attached file
4. Restart the siteserv service
5. Start the Web Applications and check the Events.

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