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How do we setup Web Gate so that User accounts can access the Web Gate Client files?

Published date: 12 August 2019

When installing the Web Gate Client files, the package only installs the files in the AppData folder of the user who installed the package. How is it possible to have others access Web Gate if the files are installed for one user on the PC?

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

The Web Gate Client installer only puts the files in the Windows 'AppData' folder of the user that installs the package. In addition, Administrator rights are required for the user that installs it. If there are other users of the PC that do not have administrator rights, we have to manually copy the files to the folder of the specific users.
Here is the procedure on how to make this work for all users:
  1. With the account where Web Gate Client files have been installed, in the Windows Explorer, goto %appdata%\Vijeo-Runtime
  2. Copy the “Vijeo-Runtime” folder and paste it to C:\ and logout.
  3. Login to the “user” account
  4. Goto C:\ copy the folder you pasted at Step 2
  5. In Windows Explorer, goto %appdata%
  6. Paste the Vijeo-Runtime folder
  7. Repeat for each user account.
This should allow all of your users to access.

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