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What is a Post Configuration file in SoMachine Basic for M221 controllers?

Published date: 04 September 2018

Post configuration is an option that allows you to modify some parameters of the application without changing the application. Post configuration parameters are defined in a file called Machine.cfg,  which is stored in the controller.

By default, all communication parameters are set in the configuration of the application. However, under certain conditions, some or all of these parameters can be modified automatically via the mechanism Post Configuration. One or more communication parameters can be specified in the post configuration file, and those parameters can override the parameters specified by the configuration. For example, one parameter may be stored in the post configuration file to change the Ethernet IP address of the controller while leaving the other Ethernet parameters, such as the gateway address, unchanged.

The post configuration file allows you to modify network parameters.
Ethernet parameters:
- Address configuration mode
- IP address
- Subnet mask
- Gateway address
- Device name
Serial line parameters, for each serial line in the application (embedded port or TMC2SL1 cartridge):
- Physical medium
- Baud rate
- Parity
- Data bits
- Stop bit
- Modbus address
- Polarization (for RS-485)

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