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ATV61/71 what causes an Impendent Short Circuit fault?

Published date: 22 January 2020

What causes an Impendent short circuit fault?

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71


Electrical Noise

- Short-circuit or earth leakage at the drive output (verify drive is grounded to earth or system ground)
- Check the integrity cables connecting the drive to the motor, and the motor
insulation, path of the motor leads (i.e. not coming into contact with potential sources of noise). 
- Try running the drive "open circuit":
  1. Turn off Output Phase Loss 
  2. Power down the drive
  3. Disconnect the motor leads from the drive
  4. Power up the drive and see whether the fault is persistent 
If the fault persists without the motor leads connected, there's a problem with the drive. If the fault does not appear while the motor leads are disconnected, check your leads and motor. 

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