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How can I switch Runtime from XD to Vijeo Designer in a Magelis HMI

Published date: 14 December 2018

Issue: When installing Vijeo XD Runtime on a Magelis HMIGTO, I cannot download to the HMIGTO with Vijeo Designer anymore.

Product Line: HMIGTO, HMIG3U/HMIG5U/HMIG5U2 with all HMIDT displays

Resolution: All Magelis HMIs are shipped with the Vijeo Designer Runtime iniitially. You are able to switch to Vijeo XD Runtime by installing an application to the HMI. Keep in mind that the HMIGTO and cannot go back to Vijeo Designer once it has been upgraded to Vijeo XD.

For the Magelis HMIGTU the CFast card (HMIG5U) or the SD card (HMIG3U) can be re-imaged to factory default. It is only possible to switch back to Vijeo Designer  on the HMIGTU series.


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