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How to make a momentary switch with a delay in Vijeo Designer?

The momentary switch resets too quickly for the PLC to detect the state change from ON to OFF.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

When the native Momentary On switch does not set a bit long enough for your application (possibly due to slower communications), it is possible to create your own Momentary On switch with a desired delay to wait before resetting the bit. Here we will provide a procedure on how to build this in Vijeo Designer.

1) On the Panel, draw a switch.
2) Set the Operation to "Bit"
3) First select the "Set" Operation
4) Assign your desired variable to the "Destination" Field. For this example, we will create BOOL01.
5) Press the "Add" button.
6) Next, set the Operation to "Delay". 
7) In the Field "Delay Time", enter a static value or a mathematical expression. For this example, we will enter 2 (seconds).
8) Press the "Add" button.
9) Next, set the Operation to "Bit"
10) Select the "Reset" Operation