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How can I change the relay status from NO to NC on the Altivar Process Drives?

Published date: 19 June 2019

They need to change the function of the output relay from Normally Open contact to a Normally Closed contact. 

Product line:
Altivar Process, ATV600 ATV900


The Altivar Process drives come with only R1 having a normally open and normally closed contact.  R2, R3 and the extended IO Card relays are all Normally Open only. 

Under the Relay configuration menu (i.e. R2 Configuration > go to R2 Active at.  The factory setting is 1 (closed).  Change this value to 0 for active when open to invert the relay output signal.

NOTE:  Operating State Fault (FLT) cannot be assigned to 0.  If an additional NC contact is needed for Fault indication, add an external control relay with the additional contacts.

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