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Does the PME 9.0 and PME 2020 base license come with an engineering client license?

Published date: 17 November 2020

The PME 9.0 and PME 2020 System Guides state that "the base license includes one engineering tools feature," but it does not define whether this engineering tool can be used on the server and a client machine.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0
Power Monitoring Expert 2020


Engineering tools license can be used by a client machine or the server as long as it is not concurrent.

For example, 1 engineering tools license can connect from the client, if it's not currently used anywhere else. After the client closes the connection, a connection can be made from the server or another client machine.
Note: The only exception is that the trial license is locked to the server. Which means that a system with only the trial license would only be able to connect from the server.

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