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How to fix invalid unlocated variables (broken XVM/STU link) in Vijeo Designer?

Published date: 26 November 2019

An online change was made to the Unity/EcoStruxure Control Expert PLC and now all the unlocated tags in Vijeo Designer are showing bad data quality triangles.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer, Unity Pro, EcoStruxure Control Expert

In Unity Pro / EcoStruxure Control Expert, if the Data Dictionary feature is not enabled, any small change in code or tags in the PLC program will break the communications link between the HMI and the PLC if a symbol link was made via a XVM or STU file. To resolve this issue, we need to re-establish the Symbol Link by following this procedure below:

1.    Right-click on "Variables" in Vijeo Designer and select “Export variables”.
2.    Save the variables to a CSV file or any file type of your choice. This will back up the Alarm Configuration and Logging settings (and many others as well)
3.    Delete all the External Variables in the project.
4.    Right-click on "Variables" again and go to the “Update Link” dialog. Delete the linked file if it exists.
5.    Now that you have an essentially empty variables list, link to your XVM or STU file as you would normally.
6.    Add the variables that you need
7.    Here comes the important part: Right-click on Variables and choose “Import Variables”.
8.    Be sure to choose “Overwrite existing variables”
9.    Now your alarm and logging settings are updated for the tags you added, but the addresses are now all old again. Not a problem!
10.  Right-click on "Variables" and go to the “Update Link” dialog and press the "Update" button for your link.
11.  This will update the indexes for the unlocated tags once again.

To avoid needing to do this procedure all together in the future, it is recommend to turn on the "Data Dictionary" checkbox found in Unity Pro / EcoStruxure Control Expert under Tools->Project Settings->PLC Embedded Data


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