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What can cause an OCF fault on the ATV12 drive

Published date: 17 February 2020

The drive tripped on OCF code. 

Product line:
Altivar 12 ATV12


OCF is an over current condition.  Load is mechanically blocked, or too large for the drive/motor.

Check the motor nameplate information and compare the amperage and HP rating to the drive part number/ratings.  Check the drive programming under the DRC menu (BFR, COS, NCR, UNS, NSP, UFT).  These values should match the motor nameplate.  Make sure the ITH parameter under the SET menu is adjusted to the motor FLA.  Also enable Catch on the Fly in the FLT menu, parameter FLR (change to yes). 

Check the line voltage coming into the drive.  Less than norminal voltages may cause the current to run higher. 

Make sure the load is running in the correct direction.  While the load is running, check the current draw either with a meter, or under the SUP menu and parameter LCR (motor current).  The current should not exceed the motor FLA. 


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