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How to create a device profile in Power SCADA Operation (PSO)

Published date: 14 December 2020

A new set of devices is getting integrated into the system, but there is no device profile set up for the device type.

Product Line
Power SCADA Operation 9.0

PSO Server, Profile Editor

  1. Open Power SCADA Studio and navigate to the Topology page. Open the Device Profile Editor located on the far right.
  2. Select the Define Device Type Tags tab, and hit Add / Edit.
  3. Select Create New, choose a Device Type Name and the desired Category/Subcategory. Make sure the Driver is the correct protocol.
  4. Move the desired tags from the Tag Library over to the Selected Tags list. Save & Exit once complete.
  5. Edit the register information by selecting the Edit... under the Edit Address column. Once the register details are filled out, hit OK.
  6. Repeat step 5 for each tag.
  7. Open the Create Device Profiles tab in Profile Editor and hit Add / Edit next to the Device Profile. 
  8. Select Create New, hit Next, choose a Device Profile Name, and hit Next again.
  9. Find the device type that was defined in step 3 and move it over from the Available Devices list to the Selected Devices list and then hit Next.
  10. Select the desired tags that to be included in the project by highlighting and moving them with the arrow button. Once complete, hit Next.
  11. Define whether each tag is PC Based or Trend, and check off any Driver Parameters desired. Hit Finish. The device profile is now created and can be added to the project by following FA404306.

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