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Power SCADA: Will activating 15K expansion points license on top of original 5K points license make totoal points count 20K or 15K?

Published date: 29 December 2020

A customer initially purchased 5000 points client license and at a later point in time, she has purchased another 15,000 expansion points license. Will that make total points count 20,000 (20K) or 15,000 (15K)? Can the customer remove the initial 5K license and reuse elsewhere?

Power SCADA 8.x, 9.0, PSO 2020

Expansion part numbers (be it server points extension or client) are different from server or client part numbers for Power SCADA software. A proper understanding of how expansion points licenses work in tandem with original license point counts is necessary to avoid future confusion in terms of point counts.

Expansion part numbers will add 'delta' (the difference) number of points/tags on top of the original number of points/tags. For example, the part number PSA102014 represents 5000 points for Power SCADA control clients.
PSA10201415 is an expansion part number for control client for 5000-15,000 points. Applying the second license (for the extension part number) on top of the first one, will make total points count 15K that includes initial 5K points; which means, the customer is adding the ability to control 10K new points using their control clients. The initial 5K points can neither be removed nor be used elsewhere.


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